Christina and Nessie are childhood friends who fell in love with each other, but they drifted apart because Christina’s parents refused to accept her identity. After two years, the two were reunited. However, it was not the reunion they were hoping for.

Baka Sakali

Seymour is interested in Faith until he meets Ferds in a beautiful waterfall resort. The two young men become good friends, and then lovers.


Is there anything scarier than LOVE? Bright A+ Entertainment presents this unique story of sacrifice, acceptance and love. Your vision of love will change.

Rainbow Shorts: PELIkulayA International LGBTQIA+ Film Festival

Rainbow Shorts: PELIkulayA International LGBTQIA+ Film Festival

Summer Blues: Masalimuot ya Tiyagew ed Dayat

Two lads, best friends since childhood reunite at the beach but as their bond gets stronger they are reminded of their fears to a mythical creature inherent in the place.

Hook Up

After LAMBAT comes HOOK UP. Thanks to user “anonymous” for sharing this short film.

Tu Solus



This is an lgbt, pinoy dorm story, mini series combined into a short film.

Two and One

A gay couple realizes they aren’t sexually compatible, so they look for a third man. But when betrayal and jealousy sneak in, their relationship shatters into pieces.

Memories of a Love Story

“Memories of a Love Story” follows Eric, a young man returning to his old hometown to fulfill his mother’s wish for him to scatter her ashes there. He will meet his childhood friend Jericho and they will reconnect recalling distant memories of their youth.

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