Kambal Sa Uma

Director: Joey GosiengfiaoWriters: Jim Fernandez (story), Ernie Santiago (story)Stars: Rio Locsin, Orestes Ojeda, Al Tantay, Julie Ann Fortich, Dennis Roldan, Isabel Rivas


Dyesebel is unique among the merfolk for she is the only mermaid born of human parents from the surface world. A mermaid from birth, she is shunned by the superstitious due to her physical form. After her father is killed by an angry, superstitious mob, Dyesebel is taken to the ocean by her mother where she is sent into exile since her chances for survival are greater there than on land. The young girl-mermaid is found by Banak who adopts her and takes her to their kingdom where she is welcomed into their community.

Omeng Satanasia

Due to numerous failures, an aging scientist who is trying to create a formula to bring back his youth decided to sell his soul to a gay demon and must find true love within a year.

Captain Barbell

Tenteng, a bullied wimp who dreams of being a strongman, gains superpowers from a magical barbell.

Darna At Ang Babaing Tuod

It’s Darna and she’s awesome as ever.

12 Kuba

Director: Nemesio E. CaravanaWriter: Nemesio E. Caravana (story & screenplay)Stars: Fernando Poe Jr., Cecilia Lopez, Johnny Monteiro

Anak Ng Berdugo

A king dreams, and his wisemen interprets his dream in which he will be overthrown. So his conniving jester suggests to kill all the babies but two survives, grows up and fulfills the king’s dream.

Prinsipe Tenoso

Based on the original script of Manuel Conde, the 1954 version of Prinsipe Teñoso tells of Prince Teñoso who is exiled by his father, the king after freeing the pitiful giant from jail. In gratitude, the giant gives Teñoso a magic handkerchief that can tame animals and can give him his wishes. As a beggar, Teñoso is despised by the princes, the king’s soon-to-be sons-in-law, but eventually is recognized as the hero responsible for curing the king’s illness, and winning the king’s battles against the moors.

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