Selina’s Gold

Selina’s father sells her to Tiago who makes her a sex slave. With the help of Domeng, Tiago’s blind slave, she plans their way out of this living hell.

Holy Emy

A young Filipina searches for the missing links between her strange bleeding condition and her faraway mother’s healing powers.

Walang Kasarian Ang Digmang Bayan

With his family life in shambles amidst the government’s war on drugs, a young man transitions from being an ordinary filmmaker to being a full-fledged member of the revolutionary movement, proving that conviction knows no gender.

Big Night!

Incorrectly implicated in the Philippine’s war on drugs (and likely in sudden and serious danger), our central, determined and resourceful, hairdresser spends the titular “Big Night” chasing leads (all oversize characters) to clear his name, through bustling market hustle and small, sticky apartments.


Five years after the death of her daughter during childbirth, a still-grieving artist is visited by her departed child who asks her to build a boat. What happens next is an exploration of how art and madness can transform and transcend grief and tragedy.

Dalaginding na si Isang

The film follows the story of a young girl named Isang on her first day of menstruation.


Adira is a 16-year-old Tausug girl who was forced by her parents to marry a man twice her age. Isolated and with limited freedom, Adira must find her voice as she escapes not just a tragic night but the manipulated beliefs she was fed with.

Buhay na Manikin

Buhay na manikin: Directed by Robert Delos Reyes. With Hazel Espinosa, Jasmine Tolentino, Harold Pineda, Erwin Montes.

Ikaw Pa Rin ang Iibigin

Ikaw pa rin ang iibigin: Directed by Maryo J. de los Reyes. With Aga Muhlach, Aiko Melendez, Charito Solis, Gina Pareño.

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