Big Night!

Incorrectly implicated in the Philippine’s war on drugs (and likely in sudden and serious danger), our central, determined and resourceful, hairdresser spends the titular “Big Night” chasing leads (all oversize characters) to clear his name, through bustling market hustle and small, sticky apartments.


Kaka, a female sex therapist who keeps a dark secret – she has never reached the climax. Things change when she meets a man and lets her experience the pleasure she wants.

Mommy Issues

“Mommy Issues” revolves around Ella (Pokwang), a hardworking single mother who has devoted her life for her only daughter Katya (Sue). Her zealousness to protect her daughter leads to conflict but thanks to grandmother Fenny (Gloria Diaz), they blow over because of the quirky and fun ways she helps bridge the gap between her loved ones.

Gameboys Level-Up Edition

Teenage streamer Cairo is caught off guard when he receives a video call from a new online rival called Gavreel. He is even more surprised when the handsome stranger asks him out. Can two gamers make romance work during the COVID19 pandemic lockdown, or will it be game over for their love story?

Kapag May Gusot… Walang Lusot

A romantic sex comedy, involving two men and a woman.

Gin Kata

A Filipino action spoof of the 1985 film Gymkata.

Ang Sipag ay Yaman

A story about a farmer and a young female teacher that just arrived from the metro.

To Russia With Love

As a devoted entrepreneur wins the affections of a free-spirited traveler, he must also win over her stern and disapproving father.

Black Magic

Director: Mike Relon Makiling Writers: Vic J. Poblete (story) (as Vic Poblete), Danilo Roman (story) Stars: Dolphy, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Jestoni Alarcon

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