Red Winter (2022)

IMDB: 3,6

Carla must use her survival skills to survive a murder by two cartel hit men.

Rosé All Day (2022)

IMDB: 4,9

Centers on a group of college friends who meet once a year for their “Rosé All Day” pool party. After years the cracks in their relationships become all-consuming sinkholes filled with vomit, tears and confessions.

Swallowed (2022)

IMDB: 5,4

Follows two best friends on their final night together, with a nightmare of drugs, bugs, and horrific intimacy.

Trapped with My Husband (2022)

IMDB: 5,7

Melissa learns that her new husband Kevin is a philanderer with no ambition. The two become roommates from hell while Kevin remains in the house until the divorce is finalized, but when he turns up dead, all eyes are on Melissa.

The Man from Rome (2022)

IMDB: 5,1

A computer hacker penetrates Vatican security and sends an urgent anonymous plea to the pope. Handsome Father Quart, of the church’s Institute of External Affairs, an arm of the Vatican intelligence, is dispatched to investigate. The message of the hacker concerns a crumbling 17th century Baroque church in the heart of Seville that apparently “kills to defend itself”.

Detroit Burning (2022)

IMDB: 7,3

The follow-up to the firefighting movie BURN. 12 years in the making, BURN X explores stories and introduces characters never seen before…and continues the journey for many of the Detroit firefighters audiences met in the first film.

Every Day In Kaimukī (2022)

IMDB: 5,8

A young man is determined to give his life meaning outside of Kaimuki, the small Hawaiian town where he grew up, even if it means leaving everything he’s ever known and loved behind.

Mysterious Circumstance: The Death of Meriwether Lewis (2022)

IMDB: 4,6

Versions of Meriwether Lewis’s 1809 death at a remote wilderness inn are imagined by his friend Alexander Wilson during a tense encounter with the only witness to the famed explorer’s final night alive.

Werewolf Cabal (2022)

IMDB: 4,9

An American author travels to a small rural town in the UK. During his stay, he uncovers a cabal who worship Lycanthrope.

Shotgun Wedding (2022)

IMDB: 5,5

Darcy and Tom gather their families for the ultimate destination wedding but when the entire wedding party is taken hostage the bride and groom must save their loved ones–if they don’t kill each other first.

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