Abigail (2024)


After a group of criminals kidnap the ballerina daughter of a powerful underworld figure, they retreat to an isolated mansion, unaware that they’re locked inside with no normal little girl.

Last Night at Terrace Lanes (2024)


When a bloodthirsty cult invades a bowling alley on its final night of operation, a high schooler on a date from hell, must join forces with her survivalist dad to fend off the crazed murderers.


Subject 101 (2022)


A homeless refugee looks for a fresh start at a European multinational temp agency – but they have very different plans for him.

Foe (2023)


Hen and Junior farm a secluded piece of land that has been in Junior’s family for generations, but their quiet life is thrown into turmoil when an uninvited stranger shows up at their door with a startling proposal.

Suitable Flesh (2023)


A psychiatrist becomes obsessed with one of her young patients, who she later discovers is linked to an ancient curse.

The Blackening (2022)


Seven friends go away for the weekend and end up trapped in a cabin with a killer who has a vendetta. Will their street smarts and knowledge of horror movies help them stay alive? Probably not.

The Kept Mistress Killer (2023)


Catherine goes to interview for a job, where she meets Paul, the CEO, who hires her on the spot. They start to fall in love and everything seems perfect until Paul’s ex-wife’s dead body is found in his mansion.

Escaping Paradise (2023)


A young couples’ anniversary trip turns deadly in a foreign land.

Deadly Entanglement (2023)


The ex-wife won’t let her husband go, first she tries seduction, then deceit, finally, if she can’t have him, no one will.

A Podcast to Die For (2023)


When a true crime podcaster discovers an unsolved local murder, she finds herself entangled in a deadly game of cat and mouse that exposes the horrible truth behind the killings – a truth that lies closer to home than she realizes.

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